Centre Information - Mall Walkers and Mall Strollers Club

Mall Walkers and Mall Strollers Club
Join the Mall Walkers or the Mall Strollers club and find friends, fun and fitness!

The Mall Walkers and the Mall Strollers clubs are free daily exercise programs for community members interested in a safe and comfortable environment to exercise. 

How It Works
1. Register for free at the Administration Office on the lower level of Northumberland Mall.
2. Bring a friend or arrive solo each morning and walk as many times around the interior of the Mall as you want.
3. When you have finished walking record the number of laps you have completed in the record book provided. The record book is updated each week to reflect the progress of each participant.


Four Laps Around the Mall Are Equal to One Mile.
Each participant records the number of laps completed and Northumberland Mall figures out the Mileage.


Mall Walking and Mall Strolling Hours are;
Monday – Friday: 6am – 9.30am
7am – 9.30am
9am – 11am
Note: In the interest of safety, Mall Walking and Mall Strolling are NOT permitted during shopping hours.

Some Helpful Hints
1. Consult your physician before starting any exercise program.
2. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and well-cushioned shoes.
3. Maintain good posture: keep your back erect and swing your arms.
4. Drink water before and after walking.
5. Wearing lots of clothes in an effort to 'sweat' off the pounds will only cause heat stress. Your body will sweat normally and loose clothes will allow it to dissipate.   
6. Bring a friend! the company will not only make the time go by more pleasantly, but encourages each of you to stay with the program.


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